Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Links After Charlottesville -- "Make America Reality-based Again"

 One anti-hate organization to follow -- Note its map for locating hate group centers:

Southern Poverty Law Center

The cover story by Kurt Andersen in the September issue of the Atlantic examines the history of extreme views and alternate (un)realities in America and shows how fringe groups and phony news sources gained infrastructure and a following on the internet:

How America Lost Its Mind

Charlie Rose Interviews Kurt Andersen

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Ancient Osage; Young Flycatchers

Osage trees along what was once the approach to Oakland Manor; near Lake Kittamaqundi

Young great crested flycatchers nearby

One of the parent great crested flycatchers (ruffled while preening)

Related to great crested flycatchers: eastern phoebe with fresh catch

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Recent Lake Kittamaqundi Scenes and Developments

The red-roofed building at the Lakefront is another Columbia Town Center structure which was designed by Frank Gehry. Are we going to lose it in new plans for Town Center development? It's missing in an artist's concept of the Town Center plans, replaced by a less picturesque four-story building. Below, the other Gehry-designed building at the lake was refurbished and now houses the Whole Foods supermarket and the Haven health club.

Above, Clyde's has dropped its Tomato Palace affiliate and plans to replace it with a music venue....Other views of the "red-roofed building"....

A new rain garden remedies a regularly flooded lawn on the east side. The two photos here show work in progress and almost completed.

An osprey fishes at the lake.

Above, this belted kingfisher shows the markings of a young individual probably born this year -- rufous patches sticking out from under the wings; collar of blue mixed with rufous coloring.

Nice to know that we can find butterflies of the gossamer-wing group around the lake -- this one is a gray hairstreak, spotted just yesterday during a walk in this weekend's friendly weather.