Sunday, May 21, 2017

It's a Prothonotary Warbler

Back in my neck of the woods at Lake Kittamaqundi, I had been hearing and glimpsing some kind of warbler for a few days. I wasn't able to connect sound to species until Friday afternoon, when I heard that sound again and had some better views of the bird near the north end of the lake. The diagnostic photo above (my best shot) shows the patch of intense yellow you might see when the bird is present. After I reported it, the experts descended on the lake yesterday and obtained better photos and recordings. Not a rare bird, really, but it generates some excitement among birdwatchers.

Here is an audio sample of prothonotary warbler with better photo on Cornell Lab's All About Birds.

Apparently, a late season horned grebe was also on the lake yesterday. See the eBird overview for Lake Kittamaqundi in the Nature and Wildlife Links in the blog margin.

(Prothonotary: This warbler gets its name from the bright yellow vestments of the prothonotary, a Catholic church official.)