Monday, March 20, 2017

Path Ornaments; Early Birds

The melting snow has lined the paths with odd, abstract sculptures. Enjoy them while they last!

Meanwhile, as the season changes, what birders call First of Year (FOY) and First of Season (FOS) birds are showing up...

The osprey appeared late last week, just back from its winter range in South America.

On Saturday, a great egret stopped at the lake. This is very early for the species in this area, and eBird flagged it as rare. I usually don't see a great egret at Lake Kittamaqundi until July.

Above: A pied-billed grebe, a common enough species, has been on the lake for the last couple of days. Common, but noticeably absent on this lake this winter.

Below: Perhaps, last of season? Winter residents, hooded mergansers should be departing from the lake soon, although they are known to breed in Maryland, too.