Sunday, September 18, 2016

Counting the Birds; Sharing the Path; Seeing the Ibises

The Howard County Bird Club held its annual Fall Count yesterday. Naturally, I volunteered to count around Lake Kittamaqundi. I had a good day and spotted some summer residents which have not left yet, although I heard remarks later that it was a slow day for birds. Fall warblers have begun to appear, but some exciting recent uncommon birds disappeared before the day's counting -- the trumpeter swan which has spent the summer on local ponds; a pair of immature white ibises which entertained birdwatchers for the past week at Rocky Gorge Reservoir. Above: a line-up of typical birds at Lake Kittamaqundi, including an immature and an adult double-crested cormorant.

The great egret was still here for the count -- and the lake is full of algae and invasive aquatic weed now.

One of our local dark-form eastern gray squirrels at the lake.

I tried to get my counting along the lake path done before the start of the announced Bike About event. I was almost successful but tarried to confirm something for my list on eBird. Everybody was quite civil!

Near the lake a northern flicker, one of a pair, enjoys some wild grapes.

 One of my shots of the young white ibises foraging at Rocky Gorge Reservoir earlier this week. As of the bird club's Tally Rally last night, the ibises were not known to be at the reservoir during yesterday's counting.