Saturday, March 26, 2016

Osprey ~~ Other Lake Scenes This Week

My bird of the week at Lake Kittamaqundi would be the osprey, which I spotted over the lake after the bird had caught a fish late on Wednesday afternoon. Note how the osprey has turned its catch so that the head is facing forward. This reduces drag while the bird is still flying and looking for a place to stop and eat.

In other migratory bird news at Lake Kittamaqundi: The two pied-billed grebes appear to have moved on some time late in the week. A group of five double-crested cormorants which I regularly see every spring arrived and were on the lake while I was observing the osprey. They usually disperse, with individuals in the group either remaining on this lake or moving elsewhere.

Watch for the brilliant flash of bluebirds in the woods around the local lakes and parks. Males are particularly brilliant for breeding season.

Paving of the path which connects the south end of Lake Kittamaqundi with South Entrance Road is in progress. 

The familiar great blue heron -- a year-round resident -- on Lake Kittamaqundi

Another migratory visitor: American coot at Wilde Lake yesterday