Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Grebe Update; Lake Scenes on a Sunny Day

The pied-billed grebe population on Lake Kittamaqundi doubled yesterday with the arrival of a second bird. I'm waiting to see if we get the regular group of three. For the last fall migration, they stayed on the lake until the middle of January, only departing (presumably heading further south) shortly before Snowzilla.

I was on another walk around the lake yesterday, taking photos and counting birds for eBird. Luckily, eBird allows flexibility when you can't get an accurate count -- just enter X for all those common grackles flocking in a stand of trees or the sparrows making lots of noise but staying out of view in the brambles. (If I can count them, I do. It doesn't have to be an exact count.) Above, I caught a cardinal at an odd angle. Below: The bluebirds' brilliant blue, orange and white colors can be seen flashing among the trees, but I couldn't focus through the twigs on this bird.

Kingfishers were busy on and around the lake throughout my walk, and I wasn't sure how many I was seeing. Do we have more than one pair resident around the lake now? One was working the stretch of Little Patuxent River pictured above but eluded my camera (though it might be in the frame somewhere). I was intrigued by this view showing the river wedged between Route 29 on the left and the lake path on the right.

Below: Sunlight and shadows on the Lakefront