Friday, February 12, 2016

Lost in the Stream -- A Surreal Scene and a Kingfisher

One of Lake Kittamaqundi's belted kingfishers was working the stream which flows down from Wilde Lake. I heard its repeated whirring call and could see it flying up and down above the stream, which still flows and offers the chance to catch some fish while the lakes are frozen. Taking advantage of the lack of undergrowth during the winter, I stepped off the paved path for a closer look, and I found some plastic debris in the stream. Notice the bottles in the left foreground above in addition to the toddler's toy car. Although the toy car in the middle of the flow offered the chance for a surreal photograph, I thought about the next flood washing more plastic into the lake and beyond. They have been fished out and recycled or placed where, perhaps, the owner of the car will find it.

Meanwhile, I managed a snapshot of the kingfisher through the trees, even as I stood on the path. That's the female, which sports the rusty red belt which gives the belted kingfisher its name. The male has a blazing white front with no belt.