Sunday, July 12, 2015

recent butterfly counting ~~ other fauna along the way

For the county butterfly survey. July 9, around Lake Kittamaqundi. Tiger swallowtail here, black form female confirmed by survey leader.

At the north end of the lake, two of these "black" swallowtails (could be spicebush) were fluttering around.

A young northern water snake.

Great spangled fritillary on the wild bergamot near the Sheraton.

Unidentified skipper.

On Friday, July 10, I walked around Wilde Lake and Centennial Lake for a change of pace. Wilde could be part of my survey area, being adjacent to Town Center, though there was nothing there in the Lepidoptera department on Friday. Perhaps some cabbage whites, but I really spotted no other butterflies...

Then at Centennial Lake (not part of my survey area)....Ornamental butterfly bush near the beginning of the path yielded a good variety:

Eastern tiger swallowtail.

Not a butterfly, but how could I not include the fascinating hummingbird moth?

Another unidentified skipper.

Eastern tailed blue.

One of two viceroys at the wild end of the lake.

A ruddy duck at the dam or dike end of the lake.


That evening, I had a look at a large planting of purple coneflowers in the park on Vantage Point Road, and I decided that I'd better keep an eye on this spot, too.

Then a walk around Lake Kittamaqundi -- I had walked around three of the county's lakes today....

The common silver-spotted skipper seemed to be even more common.

Hummingbird moths were suddenly everywhere.

This is a huge post already, catching up with notes and photos from several recent butterfly counting walks. This is a little more unstructured than the monthly forms which survey volunteers fill out and submit to the survey leaders. I had another big walk today, but I'll post photos from that one later.