Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Prime Hook and Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuges

From a jaunt to Delaware yesterday (July 6) with two friends in the Howard County Bird Club...First views here are Prime Hook.

Black-necked stilt.

Snowy egrets.

Osprey and chicks (there are three chicks here) making use of an abandoned eagle nest.

Fowler Beach.

White pelicans.

Red knot, which depends on horseshoe crab eggs for food on its way to northern breeding grounds.

Only dead horseshoe crabs were seen, and they were everywhere. They die after coming ashore to lay eggs in the spring.

Blue crabs, very much alive.

Entering Bombay Hook. A puddle becomes a bird bath for goldfinches, cedar waxwings and more.

Snowy egrets. (There were also plenty of great egrets.)

Terrapin on the road. We encouraged it back into the vegetation after deciding that it was trying to make a place to lay eggs.

Blue grosbeak.

Glossy ibis.