Sunday, July 19, 2015

Belmont Manor

Belmont Manor Historic Park in the eastern part of Howard County. Here are a few images taken on a first visit on Friday, then a few from Saturday's dragonfly and damselfly follow. On Friday, I walked around the formal garden behind the house freely, but on Saturday the garden was locked up. There is a link for the park on the Howard County Conservancy site listed in the side bar nature and wildlife links.

Saturday morning's dragonfly event, led by two experts from the Howard County Bird Club, was rained out almost. We had an indoor presentation, then after the rain stopped we hiked down to the pond in the field below the house. As the sun came out and the air warmed up, the odonates came out and warmed up, too. (Photos here are of scenes. Conditions did not allow getting images of the dragonflies.)

For the time being, the only road access to Belmont is on the original mile-long, one-lane drive. There are a few pull-off spaces on either side of the drive to allow oncoming vehicles to pass.

The Carriage House, which houses the nature center.

The nature center adopted this screech owl after it was hit by a car and treated at a wildlife rehabilitation center. It's damage wing prevent it from being released. Here, it is perched on the hand of the Conservancy director, now very busy with the management of both the Mount Pleasant and Belmont locations.