Saturday, June 20, 2015

butterfly counting this weekend

Firstly, yesterday evening at the lake: There is plenty of milkweed, especially along the stretch between Whole Foods and the southern boat landing, but I have yet to see either butterflies on the blossoms or monarch caterpillars on the stems or leaves. There are plenty of these beetles and also bumblebees on the milkweed, however.

This afternoon at the adjacent wildlife and wetland management area...Surprisingly, I see no milkweed at all along this area.

We counted this species as orange sulphur previously. Is it orange or clouded sulphur?

Here be dragonflies, too.

Are these two white creatures moths or butterflies? They were only inches apart on the side of the trail, but they appear to be two different species -- both in the habit of just sitting still on a leaf and allowing multiple photo attempts. These are the only two of this type that I saw.

Silver-spotted skipper -- two were counted on this walk.

Little glassywing skipper. The second one that I've seen along here so far.

The lost lovely shot -- two shots, neither in focus, before it flew away. Eastern tailed blue or summer azure? (I think I can see some orange in the usual place for the ETB.) Usually they rest with wings closed -- white with black speckles. It's hard to catch them with wings open like this.

Invasive lesser celandine has receded for the season, only to be replaced by invasive wavy basket grass, which really plagues this area. (It's the shorter, lighter green stuff all over the place in this shot.)

Eastern comma or question mark?

And a Lilliputian Forest Cat.