Sunday, June 21, 2015

an old bridge and a meadow -- more butterflies to count

A detour from the path around Lake Kittamaqundi today gave me a closer look at an old bridge which you can see from southbound 29 as you drive by this part of Columbia. Photos of the old bridge follow below. Note the date on the plaque! The bridge once carried a road which no longer exists over the Little Patuxent River, which is a bit of a torrent today after last night's storm. Imagine how many other storms and floods this bridge has survived.

(There are two other recent posts before this with photos for the butterfly survey.)

More milkweed without monarchs.

The path will be paved, another section of the local public path system. There is a wonderful meadow here, and I hope it's in the plans to be retained as the path is developed. It was swarming with butterflies and dragonflies today, and a barn swallow was skimming around above it.

Unidentified skipper species on the path returning to the lake from the library area. [Probably a male Zabulon skipper.]