Sunday, May 17, 2015

Lepidoptera, etcetera....

Butterflies and other insects seen today.

Around Lake Kittamaqundi, a Tiger Swallowtail came into view on the path around 11:45am near the Sheraton then went out over the peninsula (just like a Mourning Cloak I saw in the same spot a few weeks ago). No photo possible, but this is a good sign for the summer, offering hope for more swallowtails to be seen this year.

Photos of habitat and other butterflies at the lake follow. Some identifications pending. Between 11:30am and 2:30pm, with a quick lunch stop at Whole Foods on the lake. Very humid, variably cloudy and sunny with threat of storm like yesterday. Temperature in lower 80's. Little breeze.

[Identifications by experts leading the survey have been added in brackets.]

Probable grass-skipper species. [Zabulon Skipper, female.]

Fritillary / Brushfoot species. [Pearl Crescent, a type of Brushfoot.]

Red Admiral.

Wildlife management area near the lake. There were also many azure of undetermined species which I was unable to photograph. One probable sulphur (but several seen in the same area earlier); quite yellow when compared to the numerous cabbage whites of similar size active in the same area.

[I also saw numerous "azures" here, but they were more likely Eastern Tailed-Blue.]

The flower here is an Erigeron species, probably fleabane (or could it be Robin's plantain?). [From a separate source on Facebook, an insect expert identified the pollinator here as Varied Carpet Beetle.]

Another Fritillary or Brushfoot. There were a few of these, including two groups of three seen in different spots. [Pearl Crescent.]

Duskywing / Sootywing?  [Wild Indigo Duskywing.]

I also checked the grounds of Oakland Manor. A couple of cabbage whites, but summer flower beds here promise more butterflies later.