Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Lepidoptera and Odonata -- Two Evening Walks around the Lake

I'm keeping an eye out to see what butterflies could be out when the sun is lowering.Yesterday, about 5 to 6:00pm. Lake Kittamaqundi.Very hot and humid, before that night's torrential rains. Damselflies are also in abundance now. I don't know their names, but various species were in evidence at each patch of wild flowers and grasses along the path.

Obligatory photo of the ubiquitous cabbage white.

A grass skipper? Hobomok or tawny-edged? [Peck's Skipper.] Photos show wings open and closed. In grasses along the path on the Route 29 side of the lake.

This evening, about 6 to 7:00pm. A little cooler than yesterday. Clearer and more sun.

Another Tiger Swallowtail showed up, this time over the grasses and flower beds on the Route 29 side, southern end. With not significant blooms for it to feed on, it was impossible for me to get a photo of it with my compact camera. Second one this season at the lake, that I've seen. (First one last Sunday morning.)

No small butterflies this time, but still many damselflies.