Thursday, May 21, 2015

It's a Viceroy, not a Monarch.

Another walk around Lake Kittamaqundi yesterday for the fourth consecutive evening turned up only one butterfly, but an interesting one. The experts confirmed that this is a Viceroy, not a Monarch. It is a little bit smaller than a Monarch, and the black bar or stripe running across the hind wing also distinguishes it from the Monarch. (I can see some differences in the configuration of veins in the fore wing, when I compare photos of the species, but that marking in the hind wing stands out most.) The Viceroy is in the Admiral group of butterflies.

I couldn't get a good dorsal view of this specimen before it flew away, but I'm including cropped versions of the two best snapshots.

I'm afraid that Monday night's freak heavy rains and storms broke up some goose families on the lake...