Monday, May 25, 2015

Intensive Butterfly Counting -- Friday, May 22

Catching up with some photos from walks last Friday for the county butterfly survey, plus miscellaneous scenes for habitat and general atmosphere of the day...

First, middle to late morning, I walked around Lake Kittamaqundi. One "black swallowtail" appeared high in the treetops along the path on my way to the lake. (It could have been one of several swallowtail species that mimic the pipevine swallowtail.) No photo.

[Edited with identifications by survey experts. May 28.]

[Summer Azure]...

...appeared in this area by the northern end of the lake. Second photo here has a bonus bug on the leaf with it.

The bird club tells me that this pied-billed grebe ties for second latest sighting in spring migration in the county.


In the afternoon, I was joined by one of the leaders of the survey to see another part of my survey area, a wildlife management area adjacent to the lake. These are my photos, but I must give credit to my friend for spotting or identifying many of these specimens. A lot more besides butterflies showed up in the jungle of grasses and wild flowers. Order of photos reflect the progression of species seen as we walked along this area and back.

Some identifications are pending. Most or all of the unnamed butterflies here are skipper species.

Pearl Crescents mating

[Skipper 1 -- male Zabulon Skipper]

Eastern Tailed-Blue (Compare to Summer Azure above. ETB has orange spot on edge of hind wing.)

Tiger Beetles mating

[Skipper 2 -- female Zabulon Skipper]

[Skipper 3 -- female Zabulon Skipper]

[Skipper 4, above and below -- female Zabulon Skipper]

Orange Sulphur

Best shot of Duskywing species, possibly Wild Indigo Duskywing [yes, Wild Indigo Duskywing]

Looks like a Hummingbird Moth (aka Bumblebee Moth)

Red-Spotted Purple

Question Mark

Silver-Spotted Skipper

Little Wood Satyr

Golden-Backed Snipe Fly (identified by insect expert on another forum)

[? -- faded female Eastern Tailed Blue]

Spicebush Swallowtail, puddling male (puddling - sucking minerals, other nutrients, maybe moisture also, from a puddle, soak or wet spot on the ground)

Dragonfly species and Tiger Beetle

[Skipper 5, and 6, 7, 8 below -- all male Zabulon Skippers]

[Skipper 6]

[Skipper 7]

[Skipper 8]

[Skipper 9 -- Least Skipper]

[Skipper 10]