Thursday, February 5, 2015

new camera test .... Lake Kittamaqundi beaver

Above: towards the north end from the path in front of the Sheraton. Below: zooming on the new bridge from the same spot (and I could zoom a little closer, too).

The beaver in the creek from Wilde Lake to Kittamaqundi yesterday evening. Zoom shots taken from the path.

 The den in the bank, under a tree felled by the beaver. In all my shots here, the animal is located where the creek flows into the lake. It's just visible under a fallen tree at about the center point of the right edge of the photo.

For some color....

(The cat is not mine, in case it looks like Gracey.)

The new camera is a Canon PowerShot SX60 with 65x zoom. Another point-and-shoot, but quite upgraded -- a bridge camera, as a photographer friend called it.