Sunday, February 1, 2015

Around Lake Kittamaqundi lately...a memorial tribute (?)...arts...wildlife

I took this photo at the Lakefront yesterday. Speculation on the Celebrating Columbia Facebook page suggests that the red scarves are a tribute to a beloved, admired and much missed member of Hocoblogs and the Columbia-Ellicott City community. Remembering Dennis Lane, aka Wordbones. (I may have missed any notification of the scarf tribute on Hocoblogs, if this is correct. hocoblogs@@@ )


"The School Ball" by Anna Kostina, 1957. This is one of several paintings donated by Peter and Elizabeth Horowitz for permanent display in the lobby of the Horowitz Performing Arts Center at Howard Community College. This is a fine group of paintings to enjoy while attending events at the Center, which was busy last Saturday night with Candlelight Concerts and Rep Stage hosting events in adjacent theaters. It's also worth checking to see what's on exhibit in the Center's two galleries.

For dinner before last Saturday's concert, I found Curry and Kabob Indian and Nepalese open for business while reconstruction continues at the Wilde Lake Village Center. Most of the center still looks like a construction site, but a couple of new buildings are finished and occupied by businesses.

At the monthly reception at the Columbia Artists' Gallery on Friday night. Wood artists, carving and finishing spectacular decorative vessels from mostly reclaimed wood, are the featured exhibit for February. The gallery's painters, photographers and ceramic artists also have more works on display. (See the links in the blog margin for the Artists' Gallery.)

Meanwhile, in the animal kingdom, the redhead duck and friends were still on the lake earlier this week. With the lake almost completely frozen again yesterday, they had moved in search of more open water....I managed somewhat clearer shots of the pileated woodpecker (it's a female) than last weekend, albeit from an awkward angle. Not feeding this time, she was very noisy, cackling in the fashion that might suggest Woody Woodpecker, and flying around more. I last spotted her heading into the trees along the path below Oakland Manor. Could the woods here be supporting a new pileated woodpecker family, in spite of quite audible traffic noise and presence of people?