Sunday, December 20, 2015

"O, Christmas crane! O, Christmas crane!"

The boom crane has dominated Columbia's Town Center area this year. Decorated by its owner, Costello, for the holiday season, it looks spectacular and is a welcome sight after dark.

Photo above: The crane is visible from my windows.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

recent Lake Kittamaqundi snapshots

the Lakefront last week during the ongoing summer-like weather

Little Patuxent River next to the lake -- There's a kingfisher in this view.

a view from inside the Sheraton

red-shouldered hawk

Crows mob the bald eagle.


Work is in progress to replace the footbridge over the creek which flows from Wilde Lake into Lake Kittamaqundi.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

lake scenes this week: Kittamaqundi visitors and Wilde colors

A horned grebe briefly visited Lake Kittamaqundi last weekend. I took these photos late Sunday afternoon at the southern end. This is the bird in non-breeding plumage. It wasn't there the next day, and I didn't spot it at Wilde Lake later in the week; however, we might see it again next spring on its return migration. A horned grebe, perhaps this individual, showed up here last spring and stayed until it was in spectacular full breeding plumage. (Three pied-billed grebes continue their stay on Lake Kittamaqundi.)

Fall colors look fine on a warm, sunny day in November...

...but a visiting junco signals that winter is on the way...

...and yet another late summer butterfly, a variegated fritillary, was seeking nectar on the grassy slope above the Lakefront dock.

Catching the last of the fall colors at Wilde Lake...

Back at Lake Kittamaqundi on Thursday, I found a domestic goose (or a domestic x Canada hybrid) migrating with the Canada geese.

One more Kittamaqundi view from earlier in the week: The Lakefront and the lake as reflection pool...