Saturday, November 9, 2013

Wheel Bugs (Beware!) ~ the Mobbies

I'm reposting a photo from my last post. I found out from local wildlife experts that this is a wheel bug -- and it can give a nasty, painful bite if you happen to get one on you. This one was in my garden last Saturday. Wheel bugs move slowly, but they can fly. They eat other insects and are beneficial thanks to their taste for agricultural pests. But watch out for that sharp, enzyme-injecting snout. The literature on these creatures says that the bite can take months to heal.


Thanks to whoever nominated this blog for the Mobbies -- an awards program for local social networking. I received notice from the Baltimore Sun. This comes as an irony to me as I shift from a text-based blog about classical music to a photo blog with links to classical music. I am even gradually deleting many old posts. What I'm conceiving for the blog now is a portal to mainly local classical music and arts resources (see the blog margin) with complementary photos as my way to keep the blog current.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

autumn sketch

on the paths near Lake Kittamaqundi, taken around this time last year