Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Road trip snapshots: A Civil War Ironclad and a Brewery in Eastern North Carolina

Back in Kinston, NC, on family business (birthdays) earlier this month, I took some snapshots of local sights. Kinston was the site of some significant Civil War drama, which included the building of the short-lived ironclad, the CSS Ram Neuse. The top photo shows the recently built full-scale replica. The original hull will be on display in a new museum nearby. The story of the boat's scuttling to keep it out of the hands of advancing Union troops and the salvage of the remains from the mud of the Neuse River many years later is worth following in the local visitor center and the museum. I'd say there's an opera in there somewhere. A quip by a local cartoonist soon after the replica was built: "First they built it to keep the Yanks away, then they rebuilt it to bring them back."

Second photo here: Some of us toured the fairly new Mother Earth Brewing Company, which is very close to the Ram Neuse replica. Mother Earth already has a good reputation for its brews, some of which I've bought in Asheville in the NC mountains. The brewery practices recycling and saving resources very seriously but with a touch of whimsy. I liked this light fixture and ceiling in the new distillery room.

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