Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sundays At Three series ~ Bryant Park Quartet

I finally made it to a concert last Sunday after letting a few interesting programs slip by. (There was the flu first of all, then I got lazy and basked in front of the DVD player and the stereo.) Bryant Park Quartet at the latest Sundays At Three concert was wonderful in a program of Yanov-Yanovskiy (his Uzbek-inspired Chang Music); Shostakovich (Piano Quintet with guest pianist Seth Knopp of the Peabody Trio, which will perform in the series in April); Brahms; and for encore a blazing transcription of music by jazz guitarist (Jim Reed?).

Sundays At Three is in this blog's links in the margin. Tickets are only $15 (note that they cannot take credit cards), the parking is free and the church performance space and grounds are lovely.