Saturday, June 23, 2012

LakeFest leaves good impression on first-time vendor

Please see this great review by Mea Rhee of Good Elephant Pottery (also in my blogroll), and note the kind words about festival volunteers. Rhee entered her work in the Columbia Arts Festival LakeFest for her first time last weekend. hocoblogs@@@

The new cat is doing very well...summer playlist...

Gracey follows me everywhere...I'm filling a gap in my classical music experience by exploring all of Bruckner's nine numbered symphonies by way of the much touted old Karajan set. Also spinning on my CD and DVD players this summer: more by Berlioz other than the Symphonie Fantastique...looking for a good recording of his Romeo et Juliette; found a Urania label remaster of Maazel and Berlin in this work, but without the vocal parts!...Borodin of the Russian Mighty Five is an old favorite of mine, and I'm revisiting his small but marvellous oeuvre. Look up his one opera on Amazon, Prince Igor. I stumbled on a DVD of a 1981 Bolshoi performance with Yevgenii Nesterenko in the title role, and I realized that I was sitting in the audience when this particular performance was filmed for Soviet TV broadcast. I added a review with memories on the Amazon listing for this DVD.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

March Fourth at LakeFest 2012

Photos taken on Sunday -- I came back with my camera after seeing them on Saturday! I caught the March Fourth band's performance at last year's LakeFest and was thrilled to see them back.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

At the lakefront Columbia Arts Festival this weekend...

I was so glad to find out that Mea Rhee's Good Elephant Pottery, which I know from Baltimore's Artscape, is making a first visit to the festival this year. Her booth is facing the Red Pearl restaurant. See her blog in my blogroll for sample photos of her work. The weather is fabulous for the festival this year, too! I've been strolling over from my place to check out Good Elephant and other potters and artists. hocoblogs@@@