Sunday, November 25, 2012

Water Turkey 2

My bird club friend confirms that not only do I have an anhinga (or water turkey) in my photos here and in preceding post, but I have a pair of male and female anhingas. Continuing from yesterday's post, here are more photos showing the birds and habitat, plus a Canada goose in a meeting of north and south. The manmade lake, off Highway 70 in Kinston, North Carolina, is partly surrounded by a few houses and the little Frenchman's Creek Mall with its koi pond garden and fountain. My photos also show a former garden center with a bridge going out to a small island from where I first noticed the birds. And I hope that the stray cats are not a threat to any nests.

In the first photo below, re-cropped from yesterday's post, the upper bird is the female. The lower one is the male, also seen drying its wings in other photos.

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