Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Gracey had a choice between her toy squirrel and a real squirrel. I think she's going for the real deal. (Don't worry: The squirrel outside is safe.)

I settled some choices in the voting booth this morning, and I hope my favorite Democrat candidate gets re-elected. Most of the ballot questions for Maryland were pretty easy for me to decide. In my mind, they boiled down to simply thinking, "How mean-spirited it would be to say no to this" -- including the civil marriage act in support of gay marriage and the in-state tuition issue for illegal immigrant students. I voted in favor of both.

The line at my polling place on Vantage Point Road in Columbia, Maryland, seemed long around 9:00 this morning, but it moved quickly and I was out in about half an hour. The line and wait might be a different situation now. I remember waiting in a much longer line that wound through the hallways of Vantage House when Obama was running for his first term.

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Jan Bowman said...

Love the pictures you're posting.Yes. I agree. To vote against those ballot questions would be mean-spirited. Gracey is a smart cat who knows the real deal when she sees it.
I too voted. Took about 45 minutes and hope for the best now that it's done.