Saturday, October 6, 2012

"Can you tell me where Clyde's is?" (photos of Kittamaqundi)

It's the question I hear most frequently on the Lakefront in Columbia. "See that white and yellow awning...?" We're usually just a few yards from that awning when the question is asked, but Clyde's doesn't display its name on the front of the restaurant. I like it. It breaks the ice among strangers passing each other on the promenade. I hope the white and yellow awning stays after the planned renovations and that I continue to hear that question. (Photo taken on a bright morning last Sunday as Clyde's brunch was starting up.)
Yesterday morning, early fall weather with a sunny sky but with mist still clinging to the lake surface.
Turning the camera away from the wilder end of the lake and towards the other wilder end? So good to have all of this in walking distance from my place!
New planting this year on the Lakefront dock. I believe that's purple love grass, a native of the region, and it was sparkling with dew that morning.

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