Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Beavers in the Flood

 I have only seen one beaver at a time on Lake Kittamaqundi before, but yesterday I came across the whole family flooded out of their shelter by Hurricane Sandy. This is the stream that runs from Wilde Lake just before it empties into Kittamaqundi. Later, water level had gone down noticeably, and the beavers apparently had returned to their lodge (wherever it is on the lake). In the lower photo, there are actually three beavers: Look for two on land huddled next to each other. hocoblogs@@@
(Thanks to Wordbones of Tales of Two Cities for posting one of my photos showing the flooded lakefront.)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lake Kittamaqundi before and after dredging

Above view from the northern tip of Lake Kittamaqundi in Columbia was taken earlier this month (October 2012). This vantage point looking down the length of the lake offers almost an edge-of-the-world view, and the little cove is also a hideout for a majestic old great blue heron. Below: The same view in August 2008, before dredging began.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Great Egret on Lake Kittamaqundi

Photo taken around noon last Monday. The egret has been here all summer, and we're wondering when or if it will migrate.

My Cats

Ollie back in 2006. He would have been 12 years old this month. We lost him to cancer last spring, but not before we had a Big Party that lasted for five months. Thanks again to all of Ollie's friends for watching and reading and dropping by to see him.
Gracey in April 2012. The house screamed for a cat, and Gracey has answered the scream surpassingly.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lake photos: Purple Love Grass Attack [Pink Muhley Grass?]

And loving the whimsy provided by the new paddle boats.
Nearby along the Lakefront dock, grebes grebing on the lake. I'm told they are probably pied-billed grebes and probably migrating through.

///CORRECTION, April 2, 2013: The grass is probably Pink Muhley Grass. But Purple Love Grass Attack sounds better.///

Pileated Woodpecker, Lake Kittamaqundi

We're gonna need a bigger camera. Sorry about the quality of my photos, but maybe they give this the aura of a Bigfoot sighting. Walking around the lake yesterday morning, I spotted this pileated woodpecker flying through the trees within sight of one of the condominium-townhouse communities nearby. This is a large species that prefers deep, mature woods, so it's a little unusual and a treat to see here. Reported to bird club friend and our county natural resources technician. (Largest woodpecker species in America, crow-sized, black and white with striking pointed red cap. But still very hard for me to capture on camera!)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

"Can you tell me where Clyde's is?" (photos of Kittamaqundi)

It's the question I hear most frequently on the Lakefront in Columbia. "See that white and yellow awning...?" We're usually just a few yards from that awning when the question is asked, but Clyde's doesn't display its name on the front of the restaurant. I like it. It breaks the ice among strangers passing each other on the promenade. I hope the white and yellow awning stays after the planned renovations and that I continue to hear that question. (Photo taken on a bright morning last Sunday as Clyde's brunch was starting up.)
Yesterday morning, early fall weather with a sunny sky but with mist still clinging to the lake surface.
Turning the camera away from the wilder end of the lake and towards the other wilder end? So good to have all of this in walking distance from my place!
New planting this year on the Lakefront dock. I believe that's purple love grass, a native of the region, and it was sparkling with dew that morning.