Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Confluence of Old and New Howard County

The county's new Robinson Nature Center affords a close-up view of the Middle Patuxent River, which is normally invisible to me as I drive on the county roads and see only the name of the river on overpasses. At this spot in the shadow of the Cedar Lane overpass, you can see the ruin of Simpson's Mill and another bridge that once carried a lane across the river. Out of the frame to the right side of the bridge and up a slope, some new construction was visible when I took this shot recently. Later, as I drove back onto Cedar Lane from the Nature Center, I discovered that the construction is for yet another new development -- this one called Simpson's Mill! Now I'm even more grateful that, thanks to some foresight on the part of the Robinson estate, we managed to save a larger portion of wild area along with some county history than would have been possible had we let this land go to more development. The ground around the mill ruin is gradually being cleaned up, and there is word of plans to scrub the graffiti. The overpass will have to stay, but the experience of seeing the ruin under it is surreal. hocoblogs@@@
site for the Robinson Foundation and the Nature Center

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