Tuesday, July 31, 2012

this time last year

A photo of the lake at Innisfree Gardens in the Hudson River Valley; taken around this time last year when I was in the area to attend opera at Bard Summerscape and a certain #1 Opera Cat was in boarding at his resort -- what a weird year it's been.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Sultry Day on Lake K.

Lake Kittamaqundi looked so steamy this morning around 10:30. I was on a short walk to Lakeside Roastery, hoping I was early enough to be ahead of the worst heat, but I wasn't so sure when I finally reached the cafe.
The heron was vibrating its "cheeks" rapidly with beak open -- a cooling mechanism?....One of the new peninsulas on the lake has been planted with wildflowers. Right now, mostly wild bergamot, related to bee balm, is in bloom.

Gracey on the 4th; Butterfly Weed at Robinson Nature Center

That's Gracey on July 4th enjoying the extra people and vehicle activity on our street and the fireworks on nearby Lake Kittamaqundi. The sound of the fireworks used to terrify Ollie, but Gracey loved them. (They are visible through gaps in the trees near my house and definitely audible.)....Robinson Nature Center here in Columbia, newly opened last year, provides another kind of fireworks with the planting of butterfly weed in front of the main building. I took this photo around the middle of June.