Saturday, April 7, 2012

~ status ~

Ollie basks in sunlight and attention in September 2007.

I'm still reeling from my almost ten-year journey with Ollie. What a trip it was! Some how I'm getting over or might just have to live with some depressing impressions from his last day with me when I took him to the vet for the last visit. I had spent the previous week giving him a great ending to our Big Party, and I hope it wasn't all erased for him by the final act. I carried a bag of those hypoallergenic treats he was loving so much into the euthanasia room with us, and he enjoyed more of them before the vet began the procedure -- a procedure which I believe now was probably less traumatic for him than the procedures which were saving him back in the fall. (Last month, the tumor reached a stage that would not be remedied by those procedures.)

We're reaching back now and remembering that Ollie and I had a life before the cancer struck. I am sharing some of that here with recent photo posts, and I'm considering a separate blog where I can keep more photos to share with family and friends and any interested blog visitors. (I'll post a notice on this blog if that happens.)

I thought it would be months before I would be emotionally capable of adopting another cat, but this might happen sooner than expected. I'm missing Ollie terribly, and there have been a few dreams since I let him go, but the house screams for a cat. I made one visit to the adoption center at the Arundel Mills Petsmart where he practically adopted me in the fall of 2002. That was mainly for a trip down memory lane. This week, I've been stopping at the center in the Columbia Petsmart to play and chat with the cats currently in the cages there, and I might bring one of them home with me soon.

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I made it to the Jakuchu and Hokusai exhibits at the National Gallery of Art and the Sackler in DC last Sunday -- hope to see Jakuchu's stunning bird and flower (and aquatic creatures) scenes again before they leave at the end of this month. I also have my eyes on dates for concerts in Baltimore and here in Columbia coming up soon.