Sunday, March 4, 2012

Life Goes on in Historic Ellicott City

Yesterday afternoon was spent rediscovering Main Street, Ellicott City, with all its antique and boutique shops, galleries and restaurants. I had not visited Main Street for a while, though I was there some time in the last year or two and was aware of some of the new places already. As I use this blog as a portal to things artistic and cultural in the area, here are some Ellicott City links, a couple of which I'll put in the margin later:
Historic Ellicott City, Inc.
The Orchestra of St. John's

Some readers might be intrigued by The Obladi, currently the only hotel in Ellicott City's historic district. It's also a shrine to the Beatles.

(Rather than start a new label, I'm using the Columbia label on this post to cover destinations in or around Howard County and close to Columbia.)