Monday, December 5, 2011

Welcome, Books-A-Million at Columbia Crossing!

Missing a late evening place to browse and buy, I've been checking out the Books-A-Million store that occupied the former Borders location in the Columbia Crossing shopping center. They're still getting established but they have been serving customers for quite a few weeks now. (Will there be a classical section in the CD department?) I've spotted a few former Borders employees, too. Customer traffic isn't very high so far, and I was amazed at how few there were last Saturday night.

I will resist buying a membership account for further discount on purchases. I don't want to put up with the extra e-mail from yet another store, and I've been getting mysterious e-mail from Barnes & Noble since Borders closed. (Stores: Just keep your prices down for everybody, and we'll come back!) BAM's prices seem to be a little lower than Borders' any way, though not as low as Daedalus.

I picked up "Aliens" in the DVD section for about $12. So far, the DVD department seems smaller than Borders', but I'm still very impressed by the selection of Criterion Collection titles. (Did they acquire a lot of Borders' stock?) BAM's Criterion prices are a little bit below Borders', not quite as low as what you can get on Amazon. Still, they have the recent release of "Island of Lost Souls", a promising sign for future browsing.

///What is going on with the parking lot lights in the section adjacent to BAM? They're all out, and they were like that when Borders was still there. There is some ambient light coming from other sections of the lot.///


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