Monday, November 7, 2011

Ollie's Kingdom

I just snapped this shot a few minutes ago. After noticing that he sleeps more than before and doesn't climb around as much, I was happy to find him on an old favorite perch: the back of the sofa, then a shorter CD case help him get to the top of the CD tower. I have not seen him up there for ages.

I made improvements on his "porch" -- the wrap-around corner window in our little sun room -- that allow him to lounge at full length and watch the world outside in more comfort. He's been loving that. If you've seen the shots of him through the window screen on the "Ollie is your host" label, that's his porch. Those pictures were taken the day after Irene blew through. He was already quite ill then, but I didn't know how ill.

More pictures of Ollie might appear here later, but I want to avoid documenting any decline in his health here. I'd rather share more with friends in private forums, and I have some tough decisions coming up, and I don't know how much longer I can share life with Ollie in his present better-than-expected state.

I'm still getting out a little bit, and I hope to go to a concert nearby next weekend, so my notices of music and art might continue. I wish I could bring Ollie with me. He'd love to meet you.

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