Saturday, November 5, 2011


Ollie's biopsy results indicate lymphoma, and there's some debate over whether spots further up his tract are cancerous or just more inflammation. Steroid pills I'm giving him already might help with the cancer, and I'm considering options for further treatment.

We had a comforting and productive chat with the vet at Columbia Animal Hospital this morning, and Ollie was pleased with a visit that was less eventful than recent visits. If you saw him right now, you wouldn't think anything was wrong.

No new pictures on this post, but for convenience of some friends of Ollie who might visit the blog, just click on the "Ollie is your host" label at the bottom of this post. It will pull up more posts with Ollie's photos. (They are thumbnails that you can click on for a larger view.) I might post more photos later, but for now I must take care of him and spend more time with him.

Many thanks to the vets and staff members at Hickory Ridge Columbia Animal Hospital who have taken such wonderful care of Ollie over the years.

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