Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Movie Cake from Touche Touchet Bakery

My movie night didn't happen, but the cake did. It was ordered and bought already, and I was eager to see what Touche Touchet Bakery had achieved with my few suggestions for a theme, so I picked it up at the bakery on Saturday afternoon. I've seen their work before and I was amazed again.

The cake was shared with friends, but I finally had to assume the responsibility of cutting the first slice. Nobody wanted to spoil it. It tasted as good as it looked, and I noticed that it wasn't overwhelmed with sugar.

hocofood@@@ -- I understand that this string will reflect this post in the food section of Hocoblogs. I'm using my restaurants label for now to cover anything to do with food and drink. This bakery does have a cozy area of tables and chairs for dining on coffee and treats, too.

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