Friday, October 28, 2011

Update on Ollie

The vet found a "mass" in the side of Ollie's colon while treating him today. They couldn't determine the extent of it nor whether it was just an irritated spot or something more sinister. He goes back on Monday for tests and a sample for biopsy. Right now, he's back at home behaving normally and enjoying what will be a diet of only the canned version of the new prescription food. (Yes, he will love that.) The problem manifests itself more when he's in the litter pan, and we'll wait and see how that goes.

Apologies to friends who are seeing double notices about Ollie, if they read here and on Facebook, where I have also posted. As things progress with Ollie, I might not share everything, but it is a situation in which we hope for the best and still must be ready for the worst. If I slow down or stop posting for a while, I'm taking care of my #1 Opera Cat.

The blog will stay in place for its collection of links to other blogs, music and art.

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