Thursday, October 6, 2011

a note for Ollie's fans

I think Ollie, my cat and #1 Opera Cat, has some fans here, so I'd like to pass on that he seems to be getting better very quickly. I've come home from work before to find that he has had a bad day, but Monday was the scariest. (The rugs had a bad day, too. I threw away two small woven grass rugs. Nylon floor coverings fared much better.) We're not through this yet, and more tests and scans will be done at the vet next week, but he's eating again without getting sick and meeting me at the door when I come home, so things are looking brighter. I've even opted to stop giving him the painkiller to avoid certain side effects.

Cat lovers will understand the fuss I make here. This little guy follows me around the house when I'm home, and he is a constant companion and playful stalker. On the practical side, he has proven that he keeps the rodents at bay, if you must have the practical side. He's also great at parties! He turns 11 at the end of this month, and I've had him for 9 of his 11 years.

(Briefly, from previous post: Bowel disease and sensitivity to regular cat food has always been a problem. It's been worse lately, but we have him on even more special food now. This week, pancreatitis threw a wrench into the works.)

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