Thursday, October 6, 2011

At Columbia Artists' Gallery: Horses, Horses, Horses, and a Few Sunflowers

One of Rana Geralis' paintings of equine subjects hangs in my home now. I was pleasantly surprised at the range of styles in which she paints mostly horses and ponies when I visited the Artists' Gallery near the Lakefront in Columbia Town Center today. Geralis is the featured artist this month, and the monthly reception is tomorrow evening (Friday, October 7). There are some stunning works of all kinds of horses and some sunflower subjects. Look for "The Hunters"! Even if you don't care for the sport, its surreal, almost abstract look with the red highlights of the riders' jackets has been getting some attention in the gallery.

Pictured here is "The Horse Race", part of this month's exhibit. My purchase, made two or three years ago, is a row of ponies done in the style of George Stubbs' thoroughbreds -- frieze-like against a solid buff background.

Artists' Gallery .... Rana Geralis' page

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