Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Storm Stories

My little storm cloud is really a ray of sunshine.

~~ I heard William Byrd's Fitzwilliam Suite for brass on WBJC on the way home in today's rainy weather. I think they've played that one before. There's a slow, stately movement that really affects me, and I must get the recording.

~~ The whole beach cottage is gone. I spent a magical summer afternoon there a couple of years ago relaxing and watching dolphins out in the water. Irene's storm surge up the estuary on North Carolina's coast obliterated the cottage along with other houses on the shore. My folks arrived from town nearby after the storm expecting to find the pier gone, and the whole house had disappeared. Pieces are strewn around the woods behind the lot, but they don't want to investigate further until "snake season" is over. The loss seems more than severe property damage...Houses on stilts were not immune to the hurricane either. A neighbor in one such house found himself swimming for his life when the surge came up through the floor. He returned to rescue his dog and spent the next twelve hours in a small boat before the waters receded...Peacocks belonging to one of the residents some how knew to go to high ground before it was too late and were alive and well after Irene passed...Voices sometimes sounded fatigued and near to cracking when I talked to family over the phone last week. I'm heading down to see them soon.

~~ "Der Sturm" by Frank Martin is on its way to me in the mail.

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