Thursday, September 29, 2011

sick opera cat

~~ Ollie, #1 Opera Cat on this blog, has been to the vet a couple of times recently. Inflammatory Bowel Disease which he has probably had all his life is getting worse. On the first visit, he had stopped eating by the time I took him in. This last time, he was acting fine but there were trouble signs in the litter pans, so I took him back before things got worse. An anti-inflammatory steroid shot reverses the IBD symptoms sharply for a while at least. Pills of the same medicine given at home might be necessary later. You just grab his head from behind, hold his lower jaw down with a finger, drop the pill down the V-shaped groove at the back of his tongue, blow lightly down his nostrils (not kidding!) and release him. Just like the vet does with him in the clinic. Easy. The nostril-blowing maneuver apparently discourages him from ejecting the pill. For now, we are gradually switching his food from the sensitive stomach formula I've been buying off the shelf to a prescription food from the vet clinic. It's supposed to be a gradual switch, but he seems to be relishing the pellets of the new food before he eats his old stuff. Except for that spell of not eating, which was an extra worry during the recent hurricane, the little rascal and love bug has been carrying on with his usual playing and antics. You wouldn't think anything was wrong with him until you saw his pitiful efforts in the pans.