Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Howard County Bird Club and Robinson Nature Center

The Bird Club has been holding its regular meetings and presentations open to the public at various locations in Howard County for many years. It's taking up residence at the county's new Robinson Nature Center and will have it's first public presentation in the evening on October 13 -- slides and a talk focusing on Cape May by a speaker and birdwatching friend who will be very interesting to hear. has the details about this and other ornithological events.

If you have not seen the Robinson Nature Center, please visit! This will be one of the county's gems in the years to come -- a wild beauty spot, and the building itself is a fine piece of architecture even with its low profile on the site. A forest canopy and understorey exhibit with a handicapped-friendly walk wrapping around it from top to bottom looks like a kids-of-all-ages pleaser. There is a small admission fee, or you can get an annual membership. I'll have to return for the trail down to the Middle Patuxent River when this rain lets up. (I made a gallant attempt but had to turn back.)

We're very, very fortunate that the founders and organizers created this facility and preserved the surrounding slice of wilderness.

Robinson Nature Center


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