Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rain Garden

Ollie was highly entertained by Sunday's downpour. Whatever he made of today's little earthquake, he was over it by the time I came home.

Definitely, I could make a rain garden out of this back area. It catches a lot of run-off from a slope behind my unit. The pavers were salvaged from an old patio buried under sediment and moss after years of this kind of flooding. I'm using them to make an informal path on a thick bed of mulch. The flooding looks bad, but the water recedes quickly once the rain stops. That is, provided the rain stops soon. (A couple of minutes after I snapped this shot, the mat outside the door was completely under water.)

Planted new ostrich fern and Christmas ferns in one corner of this area on Saturday. Later, with the rain garden idea in mind: cinnamon ferns, Joe Pye weed, and some turtlehead to attract the Baltimore checkerspot?

A large slug, which normally stays out of sight, was less enthused about the downpour.

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