Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A favorite Columbia haunt going away?

I heard rumor today, and Howard County blogger Frank Hecker has the story about Borders and the Columbia branch.

I've known the Columbia Borders since it was in its old location at Snowden Square. (It has been at Columbia Crossing for a few years now. Daedalus Books Outlet in Columbia has the old CD bins from Borders' former Snowden location.) Many of the CDs, books and DVDs in my library were purchased at the Columbia Borders. I was there last week, and it still looked like business as usual. Honest, I would have checked there first for the opera album featured in my last post before going to Amazon. I'm still very much a hands-on shopper, but I could see a certain trend at Borders. A sign of the times: When I went looking for "Mamontov's Private Opera", recently quoted here, Borders only offered it as a download for an e-reader device. To get the hardcopy book, I had to order it online from Amazon!


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