Friday, July 22, 2011

Columbia Borders Twilight

I must have been in that store almost weekly, sometimes more than that, while it was here. My visit to the Columbia Borders last night might be my last one. The cafe and the restrooms are closed, both blocked off from access. It was so weird browsing the magazines and not having the usual crowd and activity of the cafe next to that section. The sign outside the restrooms that prohibits taking merchandise into them had been modified to read, "People may not be taken into the restrooms," so some humor seems to prevail among the employees. They seemed to be generally in good spirits yesterday, and we hope for the best for them.

Borders Express was still operating in the Columbia Mall a couple of days ago when I was there.

It's a vicious circle: The Towson Borders forced the wonderful independent An die Musik to close up shop there, but luckily for the arts scene in Baltimore, An die Musik found a niche as a CD store and performance space in the Mount Vernon neighborhood. Later, Borders left Towson after Barnes and Noble moved in nearby.


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