Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bloggers dine, party and go to the library.

HowChow is my main guide to dining out and food shopping in Howard County and parts nearby. Many thanks to Mr. HowChow and his commenters for addressing a couple of questions from me about reserving for large groups.

Hocoblogs, a forum for blogs in Howard County, has organized another bloggers' party. This one is on May 19 at Union Jack's, so close to my home that I really ought to show up. See the event details and registration currently at the top of Hocoblogs' home page.

The main branch of the Howard County Public Library, within sight of Union Jack's, is now in my resources links in the margin. I visit the library for the computers when I need to do some serious blog maintenance or interact with Facebook, and I sometimes do some actual reading of periodicals while I'm there.

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