Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kittamaqundi Plans? ~~ Lake Links

In answer to the comment on my last post: I wondered whether a footbridge connecting the peninsulas is in the plans, too. I have not seen any confirmation of it yet, though. When the controversy about upgrading Columbia Town Center began and people started citing original plans, some of the information pointed out that those plans included a footbridge crossing the lake to the island (which is now part of one of those peninsulas). (I had a private joke that if such a bridge materialized, somebody would build a high-rise condominium on that tiny island.)

A bridge seems to make sense, but I can't tell yet how much of the new landscaping around the lake is intended for people or for wildlife habitat, which is also part of the current lake upgrading plans. Also, regarding a complete path around the lake, there's the unpaved portion around the northern end which is possibly going to be paved....? If there was any public discussion to confirm these plans, I'm afraid I missed it.

Did you know that the tiny island now subsumed by the peninsula construction had a name? "Nomanizan Island."

Links: Here is a soon-to-be historical web page about our Lake and its island before the current project. And here is the Howard County Bird Club's page about the Lake and its wildlife.


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Brian said...

Clayton, Great minds think alike, I sent this to Phil Nelson last week. Brian

I suggest that the CA finish the walk around Lake Kittamaqundi. Now that they have joined No-man is an Island to the other bank there is only a short distance for a bridge to cross. To keep the cost down multched paths could be used and a standard bridge like the type used the path system.
As soon as this walk is finished this would bring people to downtown then with the use of more signs, road markings we could join Symphony Woods to the Lake Front and the Mall so there would have other places to bike and walk to.

This would make downtown as popular as the other three lakes.