Monday, February 21, 2011

Dredging AND Remodeling Lake K.

I walk along Lake Kittamaqundi in Columbia Town Center regularly: at least once or twice on weekends and on the occasional weekday or summer evening. Much needed dredging, as many of us know, has been going on for months. I only realized the other evening that the noise that sounds to me like a distant helicopter motor without the thud of the rotor blades is the dredging equipment in the nearby lake. I live on Vantage Point Road, near the traffic circle at the end, and it's not a very loud noise from this location. I understand they keep a check on the decibel level to ensure that it's within an acceptable range.

Watching the progress of the dredging has been fascinating, but as it proceeded it became clear that the company is remodeling our manmade lake, too. At the point where the little island was located, two peninsulas have been formed opposite each other to leave a gap -- a strait -- where they almost meet in the middle of the lake. Indeed, the island has disappeared into one of these peninsulas. I wonder if a foot bridge to connect the peninsulas and make a full circle of the lakeside path is in the plans. (A foot bridge connecting the bank and the original island was once in the plans, too.)

A search on Kittamaqundi and dredging turns up some photos linked to the Columbia Association website, but they are all in a PDF download.

My photo above was taken from the southern end of the lake a few summers ago. Not far from this spot, I have found a single specimen of Canada lily growing under the trees right on the bank. Unfortunately, I've seen its flower only once. Ever since I first saw it, somebody has been ripping the flower off every summer -- not plucking or cutting, but ripping and leaving a split, torn stem behind.


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JessieX said...

That's so funny ... the bit about the distant helicopter motor sounds! I live in the OM area and have wondered about all the helicopter-like sounds I've been hearing. Great bit of on-the-ground reporting, Clayton.

(Sigh. I don't know if this is a must, but I guess I should -- at least for a bit -- be clear in my CA-related blog post comments that as of last week, I have a FT contract with CA as their community engagement strategist.)