Monday, January 17, 2011

cat and chrysanthemum (not a good idea)

For friends who saw my posts last year when Ollie, #1 Opera Cat, munched on a new houseplant and became dreadfully sick: He never touched the fancy indoor chrysanthemum in this picture, and subject of picture in a recent post, when I brought it home a couple of years ago. Well, you never know what will or will not attract curiosity, and I find myself imagining potential reactions from my cat when I'm considering a home item purchase. After the Dracaena poisoned him last year, I also found chrysanthemum on lists of plants that are a bad mix with cats -- chrysanthemum can cause irritation if a cat rubs mouth or face against the plant.

I continue to browse the Botanica store on McGaw Road in Columbia for high-quality artificial vegetation to bring some kind of bloom or greenery into the house without endangering Ollie. Of course, these plants are expensive, but they are fashioned so expertly and will last a very long time. I still have to consider whether an artificial plant has any parts that can cause trouble. Some hefty palmetto (?) leaves that I bought last year for $21 a pair after the Dracaena incident are still intact in their vase and not attracting too much feline attention.

P.S. Opera cats beware! The courtyard at the Engineers Club where Baltimore Concert Opera performs is absolutely lush with potted Dracaena. So don't take real cats there, in case you're so inclined.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Extraoperatical Life Form

It's not very clear, I know, but I was lucky enough to get this shot of an opera cat from another planet invading my living room. I think it was interested in my CD collection, perhaps to take samples back to the mothership.