Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Updates on Ollie

[One more update for today has been added at the bottom of this post.]

He's back at the Columbia Animal Hospital for more injections and an X-ray. This morning, he was going up to his food bowl and mouthing his food but dropping it like he couldn't eat. This is a cat with a weight problem, and he'd eat all the time if I let him. Some follow-up phone exchanges led to the strong suggestion by Columbia Animal Hospital's Dr. Tayman to bring Ollie back and leave him for more treatment today.

I hope to be able to pick Ollie up this evening.

Previous post has the details of my impulsive decision over the weekend to have houseplants and how Ollie got into the Dracaena.

At 8pm. I brought Ollie, #1 Opera Cat, home late this afternoon. They said at the Columbia Animal Hospital that he had started eating sooner than expected, but not much. They even skipped one of the planned procedures, so the total cost was less than this morning's estimate. X-ray didn't show any plant bits or other problems in his system. At home, he got very interested in a squirrel hanging around outside the patio sliders, but since then he's been mostly lying around and hasn't taken any food or water yet. He did come and sit next to me while I was having dinner. I think he's still recovering from the effects of the Dracaena and taking it easy.

I've had a couple of comments on Facebook. Thanks for reading this...I can hear him eating his proper food now...and he's on the move again!

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