Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dutch and Baltimore Cityscapes

The current exhibit at the NGA, "Pride of Place: Dutch Cityscapes of the Golden Age", was my main destination yesterday, and I definitely must visit it again. (It closes on May 3.) Do you ever find yourself basking in art? There were a couple of rooms in this exhibit where I entered, took a first cursory look round and then just stood there taking it in without focusing on a single picture. Eventually, I regained consciousness in a sense and started examining some of the pictures more closely.

The themes of this exhibit reminded me of another artist, closer in time and place, working in a different style and medium (watercolor), but on a mission similar to that of the Dutch artists: Martha Dougherty lives and works in Baltimore. I've seen her paintings in temporary exhibits at City Cafe, and later I realized that the paintings of various scenes in and around the Peabody which are hanging in that institute's grand arcade are by the same artist.

A good sample of Dougherty's work can be viewed on her web site:

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